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New Diabetic and Confused

I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. I was Hypoglycemic for many years. I have been having issues with severe stomach pain, bowel issues, and nausea every time I eat. I am eating healthy and trying to do everything right. I take Metformin 500mg 2x a day and will start 1000mg 2x a day in a couple more days. I also have RA, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Hyperplasia. Could you explain why this is happening or what I can do about it? I do not have insurance and am being told now with my medical issues I can't get insured.
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I agree with the above.  The gluten free diet is much easier lately as even walmart has a section of gluten free.   We have a store that labels each item that is gluten free in their store (and they are a big one).  The symptoms are widerange and act like many other diseases.  My  ggrandaughter was diagnosed and she went from awful to a perfectly normal healthy child...her mom said --gramma try this.  It was amazing!!.  It makes a huge difference in less than a week.
The other comment is when I went on metformin i had these symptoms and was changed to a different med..take less and controls well.(glyburide).
God bless and good luck
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The first diet you could try to help control your symptoms is a gluten free diet.  A gluten free diet is a diet free of wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats.  A gluten intolerance (which is when someone doesn't have the enzymes or not enough enzymes to break down the gluten in the above foods) can cause all of your above symptoms - PCOS, RA, hypoglycemia, etc.  It's easy to look this up on the internet.  If you'd like to give the diet a try, make sure you take a gluten free multivitamin (like NatureMade brand) and that your medicines don't have gluten.  If you need help, just leave me a message.  

Another diet you can try is a low carb diet like the Atkins diet - you can find the books on Amazon.com or go to your local library. The diet for PCOS is a low carb diet - people with PCOS have an insulin problem, which is helped with this diet along with metformin.  I would also eliminate gluten along with the low carb diet.  If you try the low carb diet, make sure you take the recommended nutrients.  They are recommended for a reason.  And some people get silly with the diet and don't take in any carbs - DON'T DO THAT!  Maybe you can call your doctor to make sure this diet is safe for you.
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