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Opinions Please!

Hello.  My husband was recently put on 15 mg. of Actos because his fasting blood sugar is around 110 and the hemaglobin AC1 test was 6.0..he has no symptoms of diabetes.  Do you think he will develop full blown diabetes or do you think this is a preventive measure.  He's very concerned about it.
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type II also here, with AC1 above 6.0.
Exercise and proper diet will do wonders....if he ignores it and waits to address, then he could have a serious problem with Diabetes in his future. Listen to the Doc
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In the States, pre-diabetes - fasting glucose of 100-124 mg/dl) is still a known as a precursor to diabetes. Unless he starts getting control of his glucose levels soon the end run is "full blown diabetes."

To add to Zoelula, HE can read through other threads on this forum on how HE can best manage and control HIS diabetes, HE can search the Internet for a wealth of information, and HE can learn about proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and best ways to maintain normal weight. Start at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) web site.
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My first question would be "what did the doctor say?" In addition to prescribing the medication, one would hope the doctor talked with your husband about what his blood sugar numbers mean and what the plan is.

An even bigger question would be what did the doctor suggest about diet and exercise? Some doctors do prescribe a small dose of diabetes meds if somebody is what they used to call "pre-diabetic", and yes, that is intended as a preventive measure. But they also recommend diet and exercise to keep the situation from progressing.

I don't know that anyone can predict whether your husband will develop "full blown diabetes"; many people don't have symptoms until their numbers are much higher than that. But what he does from here on out can affect that outcome so if your doctor isn't recommending a course of action I would find one who will and I would also read up.

But most of all he needs not to panic. Perhaps his numbers can be managed and not progress, but even if it progresses, as you can tell from people on here, diabetes is a manageable disease. But your husband needs to be proactive for his own health; he should be the one posting on here, and seeking to find out what this all means. Just my opinion.
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