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Person with High blood sugar who has seizure

Hi there.  I am hoping someone can help me.  My boyfriend is a type 2 diabetic.  He suffers from very high sugar.  However, when his sugar drops to low he has seizures.  Now is the seizures due to low sugar or high sugar.  Test showed high sugar.  Can a high sugar also cause seizures.  I don't want to treat him with the wrong treatment ie glucose if it is actually a high sugar seizure and not low like we think it is? Very confused as the treatment for high and low is so different? Pls can someone shed some light.  Blessings!!
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Thank you.  Some confusion already.  I thought the seizures are only on low sugar.  His eyes gets all blurry, he acts confused, agitated, irritable etc.  Thought this are all signs for low blood sugar.  He naturally has very high sugar. So if he starts feeling like this and I give him milk with sugar, or glucose sweets or a glucose drink then it could worsen things if it is actually a higher blood sugar causing it?  It usually happened because he drank allot, this thank God has now stopped.    The last seizure I think was because he skipped a meal. He has a seizure every 2 months or so.  Was on Glucophase (think its spelled right) and we need to get another months supply.  How often should we test his sugar?  He does have the meter thingie.  Also, what foods and drinks etc should he avoid totally?  And what foods/drinks do you recommend I get that will help?  We do not have medical insurance and unfortunately battling on the finance side so I need to try measures that will not cost us a fortune.  I truly love my BF and want to help him through this.  He has not accepted his illness.
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You also need to have a home blood glucose monitor.  With this you can test his glucose so that  you know his condition.  Make sure you also know how to use this.

Please consider reading the book Diabetes Solutions by Richard Bernstein. It explains how to properly control blood sugar and to avoid highs and lows.

If his blood sugars are so high and he is on oral meds, he may need insulin.  If he is on insulin and his sugars are still so high, his whole dietary approach will need to be adjusted.
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"Now is the seizures due to low sugar or high sugar."

Diabetic seizures can be caused by either Hyperglycemia [high sugars] or Hypoglycemia [low sugars]. Hypoglycemic seizures are actually more common than hyperglycemic seizures. Having either is life threatening and the potential of a coma can happen.

Is your BF planning to see his Endocrinologist to ensure both are on the same page - treatment plan, correct oral medication/s including insulin dosages, lifestyle changes needed, education on preventing diabetic seizures? I highly suggest that he sees an Endo before his diabetes worsens.

Are you of your BF educated on:
* The symptoms and early warning signs to prevent a diabetic seizure?
* Does your BF have a home glucose test meter? Know the proper testing times? Know the normal test values?
* When feeling the onset of a seizure has he/you tested his blood sugar levels?
* Does he understand and follow a strict diabetes control and management - diet, weight, exercise?
These are items an Endo can go over with him and you to help get his diabetes under better control.

Good luck -

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