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Please help me I am not sure what i have?

Three months ago I went for a checkup and my GP told me that I have high blood sugar when I am fasting and it is within the normal range during the day. I did Oral glucose tolerance test and it was high something like 12 mmol/Lafter 2 hours.
The doctor prescribed Glucophage 750 XR one tablet at night and asked me to limit my food intake from high GI food (Glycaemic Index). I go to the gym for the last three months and now I lost 10 Kilos and my current test results are:
-The 2-hour postprandial blood sugar is within the normal range.
-The HbA1c test is within the normal range
-But the morning test (fasting for at least 9-10 hours) is high 7.72 mmol/L or 139 mg/dl
-The 2-hour postprandial is something like 110.
Now I am very confused from the above tests I am not sure why all of the test are normal except the fasting one. And what the HbA1c indicates now? the result is normal so what does that mean?
I am not really sure if I am diabetecs/prediabetecs/etc.
Please help me as my next appointment in 1 month from now. Thanks

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"This Dawn Phenomenon is related to Diabetes?"

Yes and no. In non-diabetics some researchers believe it's due to the natural overnight release of stored glucose by the liver and the release of hormones — including growth hormones, cortisol, glucagon and epinephrine — that increase insulin resistance.

In diabetics the morning glucose levels are substantially elevated. Again, some researchers believe this is caused by insufficient insulin the night before, incorrect medication dosages or eating carbohydrate snacks at bedtime.

"And am I considered pre-diabetec/diabetec?"

Currently I would say no, neither one. But keep an eye on your DP if it starts to creep up on you you'll need to take preventive measures as if you were a diabetic.
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Thanks WaveRider for the information.
This Dawn Phenomenon is related to Diabetes? I mean I have it now because I am diabetecs or even before I get Diabetes?
And am I considered pre-diabetec/diabetec?

Thanks a lot for your time.

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What you are experiencing is called Dawn Phenomenon and is quite normal in humans. During the night while sleeping your liver stores glucose [blood sugar] then releases glucose in anticipation of the energy needed upon awakening. To help prevent DP one can stop eating/snacking 2-3 hours b4 bedtime and also reduce carb intake at nightly meals. If you have the urge to munch, munch on something like nuts, or wheat/fiber crackers, or something that will not raise your glucose levels. All else considered, you are fine/normal. Keep up the healthy lifestyle, it does your body good.
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The 2-hour postprandial is something like 134 or sometimes less.
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