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Sciatic Pain and Blood Sugar

I was diagnosed about three years ago as a diabetic. Since that time, I have been able to manage my blood sugar (maintaining A1c of <7.0) with diet and exercise.

I have had medium to high pain due to an injury that pinched my sciatic nerve. As the level of pain has increased over time, I am experiencing higher (200+mg/dl) blood sugar levels, measured with my glucometer. I initially thought it might be "comfort eating", but I have reduced my carbohydrate intake to approximately 100 grams/day and the high readings continue. I have tested my glucometer, and it is properly calibrated. My latest A1c was 704, so it is not time to panic, but I am concerned.

Can pain (especially chronic pain such as with sciatic pain) cause blood sugar levels to remain elevated?
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Some years back I threw out my 5th lumbar. Unbeknown to me my disc had herniated and caused the lumbar to push against a nerve. At that time it felt like gazillion nerves making me scream at the top of my head if turned the wrong way. I know your pain and can feel it now. I went to see a physical therapist who put me under a strenuous back strengthening program - lots of resistance stretching along with seeing a pain management specialist (doctor). In less than a month the pain went away. And my glucose returned to my normal levels.
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"Can pain (especially chronic pain such as with sciatic pain) cause blood sugar levels to remain elevated?"

Very good question. It is to my understanding that chronic pain can raise glucose levels, such as when one becomes ill with the cold or flu. Illness not only affects your eating, sleeping, and exercise, it may cause the liver to make and release glucose into the bloodstream. This increase in glucose provides extra energy to combat the stress of an illness, but in people with diabetes it can cause blood glucose to rise too high, whether or not you are eating.

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