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Should I be concerned with this?

I've never been diagnosed with diabetes but I started checking my blood sugar today out of curiosity. When I eat I tend to "graze" a lot so I eat small portions through out the day. Today I pretty much snacked on plain donuts all day, had like two bowls of cereal and actual dinner about 6:30 pm. I checked my blood sugar at least 5 times all at various intervals and my readings were all between 80 and 100. I just checked it now after drinking some hot chocolate and it's 106. Anyway it just seems that my blood sugar would be higher than what it is especially after eating. Unless I'm not testing at the right times.
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I'm familiar with Bayer Ascensia Contour meters as they need no coding, the strips are good for 6 months [180 days]. Ensure your fingertip is clean b4 testing. Micro contamination can skewer your results.

Here are the proper test times and glucose levels assuming you're in the US. I have included A1c test levels too. As you will see your last fasting test time was a bit premature.

Fasting: 8-10 hrs no food or colored liquids]
  Normal is 60/70 to 99 mg/dl, A1c is 4 to 5%
  Prediabetes is 100 to 125 mg/dl, A1c is 5.1 to 6%
  Diabetes is above 126 mg/dl, A1c is above 6 %
Preprandial: before meal. Use this as a baseline measurement to see how foods consumed affect glucose
Postprandial: 2-3 hrs after meal
  Normal is same as fasting
  Diabetics aim for <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl

Hope this helps...
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Oh okay. The meter model is a Contour and it's only about 3 years old and the test strips are brand new. I tested my sugar when I woke this morning after not eating about 6 or 7 hrs. and it was 68. Not sure if that is good or not.
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Before stating whether you are in danger of diabetes, or you are normal it would be nice to know the make/model and age of your meter. Age of the test strips, if you are within the expiration date of the test strips, and whether the meter requires calibration prior to use. Knowing the aforementioned helps to determine if your test results qualify or not.
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your blood sugar levels are totally normal.  

In persons without diabetes, blood sugar should rarely go much above 100 - REGARDLESS of what you eat.

Sounds like your pancreas is doing exactly what it should - keeping your blood sugar levels less than 100 and steady.  Normal average blood sugar is around 83!

Don't challenge yourself with these sort of sweets too often though.  It's not good for you.

Best wiehses
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