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Sugar Numbers

Which is more important to follow ,early morning daily readings or A1C . Which one would a doctor care about more???
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The MD will want the A1c.

Which is the most important reading.  The one that is out of the normal range.
normal A1c 4.0 to 6.0
normal fasting under 100
normal PP (post eating) under 140

A1c is the average of your BG, you can have a good average and your actual BG could have lots of highs offset by lows (not good).  Your AM reading could be good but your PP  numbers be high (again, not good)

IE you could have good fasting numbers and PP numbers near 200
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a1c is the average, but it is also important to see the fasting numbers.  Sometimes early in diabetes only the fasting numbers may be high, and paying attention to these may give a heads up on taking action.

Ideally fasting is < 100 (and even better if it's in the 80s).  Normal non-diabetic a1c is < 5.0, though you may not get diagnosed as diabetic until you are 5.7 or higher.

The a1c is an average, so what looks like a good average could actually be a mix of very high and very low numbers, and thus not really so good.

The range of results seen is also important.
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The A1C is what your doctor goes by.  It gives your blood glucose reading for the last 90 days.

Good luck.

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