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Sugar level higher small portion food

Can anyone tell me why my sugar level went to 240 after eating only one small piece of candy and a handfull of pretzels?  This was for lunch.  I have never had a reading that high.  I am 69 years old.
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Um, ok... I'll say it...

A piece of candy and a handful of pretzels for lunch?!  

I really am NOT a carbohydrate-Nazi, and I understand the need to sometimes grab a quick meal out of whatever is handy, but... since no one else has said it, I will... that is a really awful choice of food items to eat for a type II diabetic.  I'm really hoping you also had some other food items with that lunch?  If not, then in the future try to balance such pure-carb food choices out with some protein, fiber, or heck even fat (not a great option, but it might slow down the release of glucose into your system).  OK, I'm done.

As for the abnormally high sugar reading... yeah, maybe there was some remaining sugar from the candy on your finger.  It really is important to wash and completely dry your hands (or at least the finger you're going to use to test) before testing.  Think about it: that little drop of blood is going to be used by your meter to give a reading that reflects the glucose/sugar in your body, so those test strips and meters are VERY sensitive to ANY presence of glucose... so, if you have ANY residual sugar on your skin, the reading might be inaccurately high... if you have ANY residual water or oil or lotion on your skin, the reading might be inaccurately low...  

Regardless, more importantly... how have your morning readings been?  If they're ok, then that reading was probably a fluke.  Please give us an update!
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I would test your meter to be sure its within calibration, then retest your glucose. To be sure your readins are accurate, follow the same diet for three days (eat the same foods and 'candy' portions) and test the same time each day, usually 2-4 fours after ingestion. Try not to use the same finger, and, as the above posters mentioned, clean your fingers first. I use BD alcohol swabs.
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Could have been something you did during the testing as well.  Maybe there was some residual sugar on your skin at the test site that may have effected the reading.  If it has never happened before and does not continue to happen I would not worry about it.
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I had a reading of over 200 once and wondered why.  I was so confused I decided to retest on my finger, and the second reading only 5 minutes after the first was around 130. Maybe I didn't wash the hand enough before testing...???   If it hasn't happened any other time, I'd consider it an inaccuracy in the test strip, not your sugar.  These test strips are expensive, though.  Now I make sure I clean off my fingers before I ***** myself.
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