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Swollen Feet with Diabetes

Go from 10 size 13 shoes in a month is that part of the disease?  Labs have indicated no problems with Kidney, Heart or Liver.

Consuming around a gal of wine daily.

Has others seen this level of swelling?
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I am sure that you have already tried lots of things in order to try to help your family member with what sounds like alcohol abuse.  This article may help with talking to them. https://www.healthline.com/health/most-important-things-you-can-do-help-alcoholic#approach  Liver issues are just one way that alcohol abuse shows.  When you drink alcohol, you are consuming water, ethanol (drinking alcohol), and things like sugars and fats, depending on what’s mixed into your drink. Your body can store sugar, fat, and water, but it has no way to deal with alcohol other than to filter it out. When alcohol gets into your bloodstream, your body essentially treats it like poison and prioritizes processing it.
Your body works to process alcohol first so that other things like the water and sugar may go to storage, causing water retention. Fluids start to collect in your body tissue, and gravity makes water collect in your feet and sometimes your hands.  Cardio myopathy is another issue.  Alcoholism can also cause a condition called cardiomyopathy, which is damage to your heart, causing it to stretch and weaken over time. A weak heart struggles to pump blood throughout the body, and fluids can leak into your body tissues. A common symptom of this problem is swelling hands and feet.

With relation to diabetes, he can do blood work to find out.  https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/type-2-diabetes
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Has your doctor suggested greatly reducing your wine consumption? That's a lot of sugar, and a lot of alcohol, for anyone to consume daily.  
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Yes we have asked him to stop.  BTW this is related to a family member so not me.

The doctors have told him no liver damage so it goes on and on.  70 yo.

I am wondering if this swelling is diabetes?
Ah... glad to hear it's not you, but sorry this is happening to a family member.  Putting the alcohol consumption aside, that is a HUGE amount of liquid for  a person to consume in a single day.  The swelling could be due to the excess fluid causing edema.  

It could be diabetes, especially if he has poor circulation.  It could also be caused by congestive heart failure.
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