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T2D Is it reversible

Is Type 2 Diabetes reversible, and if it is how does one go about it.
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There is well controlled DM2 and uncontrolled DM2. Your pancreas will never be normal. Where addicts say they are an addict even after beating it, you will always be a diabetic that is well controlled if you can get to that point. I've been a diabetic for 20 years. Had the usual progression from metformin, to glipizide, and finall insulin all together. I knew I wasn't doing right by my diet but it wasn't until I became a widow after 47 years that I decided to do something about it.  I set myself up with a diabetes nutritionist. I'm a retired medical assistant who managed group meetings with our diabetic patients so I figured I knew just about everything about DM2. Boy, was I wrong! I learned so much from him. I saw him 3 times over the course of 7 months. Since January I have lost 44 pounds. Haven't taken insulin for 3 months. Last week my endocrinologist decreased my glipizide. So I am very pleased with myself. So it's onto getting rid of that Metformin!
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I believe T2 diabetes is reversible in it's early stages and diabetes and arrestable thereafter - but that the "arrest" becomes increasingly difficult after
the body becomes dependent upon drugs - and once
that happens, you are stuck with all kinds of problems.
I also believe the most significant causes of T2 is refined SUGAR and processed foods - including
restaurant food..
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Totally agree.  However, if people change their diets early (to avoid sugar, seed oils, processed foods), it may in many cases be preventable.
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Not reversible but controllable is simple answer
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the conventional answer to your question is "No, Type 2 Diabetes is not reversible.  Indeed it is progressive".

However, recent efforts by groups such as Virtahealth and Professor Noakes Nutrition Network Group, have found that T2D is not not necessarily progressive and that it can be put into remission in at least some cases, and at worst it's management can be greatly helped.

So how does that happen?  Diabetes is a disease of altered carbohydrate metabolism.  This affects both insulin and glucose levels, with the insulin levels being abnormal for a period (sometimes even decades) before high glucose becomes apparent and a diagnosis is made.

As diabetes is a disease of altered carbohydrate metabolism, then the management involves greatly limiting carbohydrate intake.  The degree of restriction varies by person (you have to use your blood glucose meter to detect the impact of different foods so you can learn which foods work for you and which do not), however it can go as low as 20 g a day from some, and up to maybe 130g a day for those who are very mild and more easily managed.  

Protein and fat foods are eaten as the basis of the diet.  carbohydrates will come from full fat dairy, non-starchy and non-sweet vegetables, some nuts, etc. This way of eating can be similar to the popular "Keto" diets, but the emphasis is on adequate protein and fats to energy balance rather than simply focusing on eating lots of fat.

Medications may still be needed, with the most popular medication being metformin / glucophage, which is a drug that makes your body more sensitive to your own insulin.

Please ask more questions if you are interested.  Hope this answer can get you started.
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This is an excellent question.  There are studies that show that Type 2 Diabetes is reversible in people for up to 10 years after diagnosis.  


This is obviously only going to be the case if a patient undergoes changes that will lead to this outcome.  This would include losing weight and maintaining an appropriate BMI, eating a healthy diet that is friendly to diabetes recovery, and exercise.  Losing weight and keeping off seems to be a signficant factor for this reversal to happen.  

Have your numbers fallen in the area of type 2 Diabetes?
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changed my diet to limit carbs and loss weight. I now walk everyday. A1C is now in the normal range for 3 yrs now. It went from 6.7 to 5.3 where it has stayed for 3 yrs. I did loss 100 lbs. tho and have keep it off for 3 yrs as well. good luck
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