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Type 2 Diabetes and Gout

My dad is type 2 diabetic his foot is swollen and when he went to the doctor he asked him to do some tests so that he would make his mind whether he has got Gout or not ,well those are the tests :

BIOCHEMISTRY  >>>>>     BLOOD UREA    0.26 g/l

                                          BLOOD CREATININE    13.74 mg/l

                                           PLASMA URIC ACID      96.09 mg/l

HEMOBIOLOGY  >>>      SEDIMENTATION RATE    1st hour  101 mm
                                                                                2nd hour   120 mm

SEROLOGY    >>>           CRP   38.37 mg/l

and here are the reference ranges:

BIOCHEMISTRY  >>>>>     BLOOD UREA    0.10 - 0.50 g/l

                                          BLOOD CREATININE    5 - 15 mg/l

                                           PLASMA URIC ACID      34 - 70 mg/l

HEMOBIOLOGY  >>>      SEDIMENTATION RATE    1st hour  >           CRP   < 10 mg/l

I want to know what my dad should do from now on and what kind of medicine does he need ? please help it is urgent
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His uric acid levels are slightly high.  This is quite common in people with diabetes.

He may address this by avoiding low purine foods (these are the ones that raise uric acid).

He should have his foot properly examined to rule out infection of any type.

If he does have serious gout there are also some medications available to help.

Make sure his blood sugar is well controlled.
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SORRY again !!!!!

SEDIMENTATION RATE  1st hour < 7 mm
                                       2nd hour  < 20 mm

CRP    < 10 mg/l

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sorry for the mistake I made within the reference range  

HEMOBIOLOGY  >>>      SEDIMENTATION RATE    1st hour < 7 mm
                                                                              2nd hour >>           CRP   < 10  mg/l
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