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Type 2 Diabetes

I am 33 years of old man, married, weigh is 150 kg hieght almost 6 feet
i had my sugar level 185 random in year 2006 but controled
last week my sugar level went 166 after lunch, then i started crush dieting, the result is i have lost 5 kg in just 4 days, but my family doctor said that i shouldnt crush diet because after loosing so many ponds i may have diabetes which cant be reverse. i m confused because i have planned to loose weight quickly.
i have high blood pressure too, but take TRITACE 5 MG 2 times make my blood pressure normal.
i dont have any diabetes history . my father just had high bp.
reply my asap
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Thank you very for your prompt reply, yes i m on diet and try to loose weight and i hope after loosing several ponds my sugar level will be control forever.
i use Tritace 5 mg 2 times daily so my blood pressure is normal.
is there any side effect of tritace? or if using Tritace  long time will effect sugar level?
i use Ascard (Aspirin) 75 mg too.is it good for me?
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Whoops, I answered and it seems to have not posted. To answer your questions: Some people who are severely overweight find that their diabetes reverses when they lose the weight. For others, it significantly slows the progress so that they can maintain on diet and exercise or the addition of an oral med for many years. Normal blood sugars are fasting under 100 and two hours post prandial under 140. People who are non-diabetic rarely go over 120. There is little reason to do random blood sugars, they don't tell you very much; I would suggest fasting blood sugar and then two hours after meals. This tells you how different foods affect you and how high you are going. A good plan of safe and steady weight loss is very much your best bet.
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thanks for giging me answer
sorry my question couldnt clear all.
i have not been using any medicines to prevent diabetes. i just diet with walking make my sugar control. but last week i had overeating and result was little high my sugar i.e. 166 after lunch.
i left eating high (crush diet), so that my sugar level goes down i.e. 112 and 118 randomly.
i want to ask that can pre-diabetes reversable and wat is the normal range of sugar level randomly and fasting.
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Your doctor doesn't seem to be helping you, so perhaps you should ask for a referral to an endocrinologist. Your numbers are way to high. You don't say what you are doing to treat your diabetes? You need to learn to reduce your carbs, get exercise and you should be on oral medications. Yes, losing all that extra weight is crucial to controlling your diabetes. But crash dieting is not healthy for anyone and in the case of a diabetic can be dangerous. You should work with a cde or a nutritionist and come up with a plan of healthy weight loss and exercise
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