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Type II Onset?

Hey everyone. I am concerned I may have Type II onset. A little history first...

Last November I had an unexpected attack of physical distress. I got dizzy, faint and had rapid breathing. I really thought I was going to pass out or something worse. Because I was a heavy drinker, I attributed it to alcohol and was too ashamed to seek help. After some research, I decided I was suffering from dehydration because my mouth was always parched and that condition can lead to such horrific things.

I finally went to my Doctor complaining about kidney pain and he drew blood. A month later the results showed I had HIGH PROTEIN and KEYTONES. My Doc never even hinted at Diabetes, but asked me back to redo them after fasting. The next results were better, but my GLUCOSE was 126. Everything else was mostly normal. At this time I admitted to him that I was a heavy drinker. So, he pretty much attributed the GLUCOSE to drinking, even though I didn't drink the night before. And, no hint at Diabetes.

Last week, he drew more blood. Specifically to target Liver and Pancreas function. I'll have to wait three more weeks to get the verdict on them. I'm just really curious why Diabetes hasn't become a topic. I mean, surely it is common enough that he would recognize the signs. Admittedly, I've had to do research to come to this suspicion.

Incidentally, it appears I may have gingivitis from all the dry mouth episodes I've had. I think my episodes of physical distress are quite possibly Diabetic reactions. I've also had episodes of blurred vision and some hand numbness.

Now, anyone that can even remotely relate please weigh in. Not necessarily from a "it's certain you have it" mentality. But, rather objectively. 'Cause remember, my Doctor hasn't hinted at it in 3 months...so he's either seriously overlooking it ( doubtful ) or there is some sort of evidence to the contrary. Myself, I think I fit the criteria, but I'm not the Medical Professional or another person who unexpectedly came to have it.
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Here is clarification on glucose testing; a fasting glucose (GTT) or an oral glucose test (OGTT) measures glucose in your blood at the time of the test. It does not take into count what you levels were three months ago, a week ago, or the day before the test.

The Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c or HbA1c) test measures your average glucose level over the past three months. The results are presented in % (percentile) where below 6% is considered normal. This may vary by lab so check with your doctor/and or lab for their low/high ratings.

Your immune system instructs the pancreas when to produce insulin. So, yes, if damage occurs to the pancreas, insulin production may be affected. A good web site to get information on lab tests and medical terminology  is  MedlinePlus http://tinyurl.com/juepz
I found this site valuable in preparing me to speak with my doctors and understanding my labs.

Good luck
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I used the name guzzler because that is essentially what I did for past 6 years. No, I am not at all proud to be an alcoholic. It sucks. In fact, I've only recently came to the realization that I am. Before, it was like a novelty to me. Just having fun, beer can't really hurt you type of mentality.
I have been making concerted efforts to cut back over the last 2 and 1/2 months. So far 6 days has been the longest. I am currently on day 4.
It has come to my attention that a fasting blood test would indicate your average blood glucose for the past 3 months, so yes, it would stand to figure that alcohol would've caused that. However, alcohol damage to the Pancreas also causes Diabetes. That's my concern.
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With a name like yours and an admitted 'heavy drinker' it seems you're proud to be an alcoholic. Your doc seems concerned about damage to you liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption. I would be too. 126 is over the normal 120 glucose fasting range but that really doesn't indicate whether you're a diabetic nor does not drinking the night before fool the doc. If he/she was concerned about diabetes an HgbA1c test would be ordered to see you relevant glucose level over the past three months. Start by cutting down on the 'heavy' alcohol consumption. Diabetes is nothing compared to Cirrhosis of the liver.
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