Uncontrolled blodd sugar since 15 months

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I have diabtese type 2 since 2011 and always had a good control on it with A1c being 6.5, since i had my baby two years ago i have not been able to get my A1c down at any , its always been 8 , i am really concern cause i get hungry and i have to eat , please help me . I taek metformin 1000 mg twice a day and gliplize 20 mg once a day
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The a1c of 8 is really high, and an average blood sugar of about 200. Normal is 5.0 or less and an average blood sugar less than 100.

Have you been tested for type 1 diabetes / insulin deficiency?  Particularly considering that you have already had diabetes for 8+ years. If you have type 1 and/or are insulin deficient, then injected insulin is required for treatment.

In any case, considering your sugar levels are so high, it would be best to discuss with your doctor about stopping gliplize and taking insulin instead.
Do you follow low carb diet.  Would also recommend you look seriously into eating low carb, moderate protein and healthy fats to also help control blood sugars.

If your current doctor will not work with you to get your hba1c down to more normal levels, seeking a second opinion may be recommended.
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