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Very low carb diet

Has anyone tried very low carb diet for managing diabetes, and preventing or minimising the use of insulin?

It appears that all of a sudden my blood sugar is now 'diabetic' and I can't seem to tolerate regular diet any more if I want normal blood sugars.

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Thanks Zoelula.  I'll PM you.

Just got word from my endo that i'm to start insulin immediately (they will be very aggressive because I am undergoing fertility treatment at the moment - waiting to see if the last try worked).  Am out of the country at the moment, but will start tomorrow once I'm back and can get supplies.

Yesterday I ate very low carb all day and the sugars were within target.  So definitely this is the way to go (even with insulin).
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I know many diabetics, Sally, both types, who use a very low carb diet (following Dr. Bernstein's regimen which is, I believe 30 grams a day) with great success. Some people use that diet to stave off using medication for as long as possible; some for longterm management of numbers with less need for meds and insulin. I myself only eat a " moderate low" diet of about 100 carbs per day. That is a choice for me as I'm a vegetarian and love cooking gourmet meals and it would be almost impossible to go much lower without losing what I love. If you want, send me a PM and I'll give you two websites where you can read and talk to many of these people. (I'm not allowed to include these in posts).
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