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What Does This Mean Possibly?

I just received a call from the OB/GYN nurse that said the doctor wants to put me on 750mg of Metformin because my (I think) blood glucose levels was too high. I asked her what was the normal range and she said 0.0 - 24 and mine was a 27.8. What does that mean? She also said that my Vitamin D levels was low and that I needed to take a supplement that contains 5,000IU's daily in it. I was pretty much left like that. Not a whole lot of explanation or nothing! When I went for annual check up, I told her that I was concerned about my thyroid possible being swollen, but I don't think that she even tested any blood for that at all. May someone kinda lead me in the direction on where I should go from here? I feel like I need more answers than the ones given. The only other thing was cholesterol levels normally would be 0 - 99 and mine was 120. I certainly want to get on the right track, but I have NO clue where to start! Any suggestions, advice, and answers would greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for your response and yes I am gonna work on getting the right numbers indeed...
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Hi and thank you for your response! I'm from SC actually and yes the numbers confused me as well. I spoke with another nurse just now and she gave me the exact same numbers that I posted earlier. She said not necessarily a diabetic, but that I am to do Metformin to get levels back down to normal range. I am to get off all white carbs, etc. Everything is now whole wheat and increase water intake. I'm definitely going to dig for more answers. I do need to lose weight also and so I'm gonna start on that too (so hard). I appreciate your response and when I absolutely find out the actual I will let you know! Thanks again! Oh and I will request the AC1 test too.
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Did he give you a monitor to test your blood?  He should have.  I have diabetes and I've never heard of those kinds of numbers.  Usually they test your A1c which averages your blood glucose from the last 3 months.  I believe that number is supposed to be below 7 so you see those numbers don't make sense.  I would go back and get answers and ask for a monitor.  Good luck!
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Clarification is needed; If the glucose test range posted was measured from drawn blood it doesn't appear you posted the correct levels. What country do you reside in? I ask because "the normal range and she said 0.0 - 24 and mine was a 27.8." is weird. Normal fasting levels in the USA is 60/70 - 99 mg/dl and Europe 3.7 - 5.5 mmol/l. If measured from urine please correct and state country of residence.

Normal cholesterol results in the USA are close to these values:
LDL - 60
Triglycerides - <150
Total cholesterol <200
As you can see your posted "cholesterol levels normally would be 0 - 99" is highly unusual.

In the USA, patients have the right to obtain printed copies of their medical records which includes all test results. Your test results will show the acceptable ranges for each test conducted. Call your doctor and ask for a copy of your records and/or the test results. If the doctor or the nurse refuses or is reluctant to provide your with copies, or even charges for them, go find another doctor who respects your well being.

Let us know the correct levels. To be certain of where your glucose levels stand ask for an A1c test.
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