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What are the non-Diabetic levels (mmol/L) of Glucose

Hi I'm in the UK (meters read in SI /SI derived units :: mmol/L) and just taken my glucose level.
What are the glucose ranges for fasting, after eating  for someone non-Diabetic, preDiabetic and Diabetic
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That's fantastic, thanks.
Couldn't draw enough blood to repeat the test today after eating and I ran out of strips trying.
Looks like I'm not diabetic or pre-diabetic though so far.
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mmo/l to mg/dl conversion chart for everyone excluding transplant patients and doctor allowable levels.

Preprandial  = before meal
Postprandial = after meal

mmol/l  mg/dl   Interpretation
------     -----     --------------
2.0        35       Extremely low, danger of unconciousness
3.0        55       Low, marginal insulin reaction, you need to eat something
4.0        72       Slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy, etc.
5.0        99       Mecca - normal preprandial in non-diabetics
5.555    100     Preprandial considered prediabtice
6.94      125     Preprandial considered prediabetic
7.0      126     Considered Diabetic
8.0        150     Normal postprandial in nondiabetics
10.0      180     Maximum postprandial in nondiabetics
11.0      200     High preprandial. Unhealthy.
15.0      270     High to very high depending on patient. Getting dangerous
16.5      300     Complications start to arise
20.0      360     High, very unhealthy
22         400     Max mg/dl for some meters and strips
33         600     High danger of severe electrolyte imbalance

I don't how you arrived at "6.2 mmol/L which is 125 in USA units." Using an online converter and multiplying mmo/lx18=mg/dl I get 111.6 mg/dl.
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Sorry, that was 6.2 mmol/L which is 125 in USA units. I was really hungry and didn't hold out the fast
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