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I went to the doctor last week and complained about not feeling well. They did a test and stated that I had Ketones in my urine and stated they wanted me to have blood drawn so that they could see what was going on. She asked me if I had been skipping meals. I stated that I had only had a small amount to eat that day but had not been skipping meals. I was called this week to come back in and a nurse earlier told me that if my tests were normal they would just send a letter. My question is does it neccessarily mean that I have diabetes if I had ketones spilling into my urine on a day that I had barely eaten. I have looked all over for answers and everything I see states that this is a sign of diabetes.
I am a 22 year old in the normal weight range that is physically active weekly. I do not have the most healthy eating habits but I have been working on that lately and attempting to lose weight by cutting out the things that are unhealthy and exersicing more.
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They did not tell me what tests they were running they just said " because you have ketones dumping into your urine we would like to run some tests to see what is happening". So I don't know.
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"...nurse earlier told me that if my tests were normal..." What test? Did you have a fasting glucose test, blood sugar, urine glucose, glucose tolerance (GTT)? A hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c) that most doctors use to determine whether the patient is pre-diabetic, a diabetic, or not at all. Answers to these question will help.
Your correction to diet and exercise will play a large part in staying healthy. Keep it up, you'll like yourself more and feel a whole lot better too.
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