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What is a "good" glucose monitor?

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My husband and I are interested in getting some to learn more about what foods we have in our diet are okay for us, and which ones we should try to avoid.
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I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2015, and I did a lot of research on monitors. There is quite a bit of variation that is allowed in the reading of the monitors. Some monitors will give you + or - 20 points, which is nuts. I chose the FreeStyle Freedom Lite. The variances are + or - 5-15 points. The startup kit was only $19.99, and my doctor just gave me the kit. The test strips are a little more expensive, but they are more accurate than other monitors. The start up kit also came with a discount card than lowered the test strips to about $15 per 50 test strips. I only test once a day in the morning unless I have any issues, so the test strips last a little longer than one that needs to test 3+ times per day.

Good luck to you and your husband
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I changed from One Touch to the Kroger generic so I could get enough test strips to test through out the day to understand how carbs were effecting my readings. Their strips are cheaper by far and don't require a prescription. Basic but effective.
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There are a lot of options, but the one I am most familiar with is One Touch.  Good luck to you and your husband as you work to improve your health!
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