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blood sugar readings

I am a type II diabetic and I would like to know what is considered a "good" blood sugar reading for me when I test at different times of the day....before meals, after meals, fasting in the morning, at bedtime and other random times during the day.
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I think you should watch your carbs and try and get those numbers lower, it will only be better for you....no matter which list of "numbers" you look at as normal for a diabetic....you should strive for lower....however if they are within the numbers listed(which most doctors I know use for diabetics) then don't stress over it. Do your best.  Exercise and watch those carbs. Learn to read labels.  Good luck!
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ACE and ADA have different guidelines. ADA has higher numbers of acceptability which are the ones that Madge listed.
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Those are encouraging numbers but they seem high compared to what I've been reading. I've been recently diagnosed and am confused about the proper ranges as well. My understanding is is fasting pre meal should be 100mg/dl or below and under 140mg/dl 2 hours after beginning a meal.

Today I experimented and had a breakfast with fried potatoes and an English muffin with marmalade slathered on. 2 hours later my level was 179mg/dl. That falls just within your Postprandial level of acceptability. If that's within normal limits of control that would be cool with me. When I tightly watch my diet I'm around 112-130 fasting and 135-160 post prandial. I'm on 500mg Metaformin 1x.
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Here is a table that lists blood glucose ranges for adults with diabetes:

Glycemic control  


Preprandial plasma glucose (before a meal)
70–130 mg/dl (5.0–7.2 mmol/l)

Postprandial plasma glucose (after a meal)
<180 mg/dl (<10.0 mmol/l)

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