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c piptide results

I recently had a c piptide test done and the result was 0.7 and my HbA1c is 11.2 what does this indicate?
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Like waverider says, lab ranges vary and .7 is fairly low for Type 2. You don't say how long you have been diagnosed, whether your blood sugar was under control at one point and if you are on oral meds. You might consider asking your doctor to do a GAD antibody test to make sure you are, in fact, Type 2 and not LADA/1.5, especially if you are normal weight, have another autoimmune disorder like thyroid, have been unable to control blood sugar with diet/exercise/oral meds.
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Normal values for a C-peptide test are usually between 0.5 and 2.0 ng/mL.
However, check you results as labs vary with ranges.

You A1c indicates you glucose [blood sugar] on a daily average is 314-330 mg/dl, very unhealthy and can lead to serious life threatening conditions if not brought under control. Didn't you discuss your results with your doctor? Obtain paperwork on how to manage and control your rising glucose levels? Were you not prescribed oral medications to help lower you glucose levels? Discuss proper nutrition - what to eat, and especially what not to eat/drink.
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