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fasting glucose under control, but seek advise on testing after meals

History: I posted here in the past, as my fasting glucose was between 100-110 for almost 2 years, per clinic testing. Ac1 was OK but showed a pattern of increasing to the upper part of the acceptable range. So I took action when Drs did not seem to be interested in being pro active.  That is the problem with western medicine....wait till its too late.

The last few clinic tests showed fasting glucose in the 90's, and my new glucose meter just showed 93 this morning, looking much better.

45 years old, have never been over weight, exercise adequately, but was pre-diabetic anyway for some reason. In my case, Hashimoto hypothyroid seems to be playing a role. Its common to be under medicated  with replacement thyroid (the T3/T4 ranges are flawed and TSH is not accurate for testing) and thyroid hormone levels can influence everything in the body, it all depends on the individual.

I upped my natural thyroid med seen a little improvement in glucose and then took a quality Holy Basil supplement for 8 months after, with even better glucose results. . My sleep has been much better due to magnesium intake at bedtime and proper thyroid health - sleep helps glucose levels. This all seems to good to be coincidental. Plus its almost a snow-less winter in Minnesota this year, with ice on the ground I have been getting less exercise than ever before.

"According to a clinical study, non-insulin dependent diabetics given Holy Basil experience a "significant decrease in fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels during treatment... compared to during treatment with placebo leaves."

I understand everyone is different but Holy Basil might help some people Before developing full blown diabetes.

With my fasting glucose at decent levels now, I would like to have a good complete glucose baseline for keeps sake. I have only tested fasting myself.

What is the best method of testing glucose with a home meter before and after meals for a good baseline to compare in the future?

Is there a chart online some ware that correlates to after meal glucose levels?

Please enlighten me. thanks
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Well I found it , but like I said its not a clinical study. I understand your search for clinical trials. I'm sure someone on the alternative therapies or complimentary medicine forum here could shed some light Holy Basil. There are many natural herbs that can help with many health issues in general, and just because something is natural dies not mean its safe. Many herbs have used for years, so any negative effects might be found in the library. Snake venom is natural, obviously not good. Not all drugs are safe either in the long run. Then again many man made drugs came from natural supplements, such as aspirin.

For whatever reason, I'm doing better, thanks for the #'s.
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Your link took me to Zerbo's. Looking around I could not locate "According to a clinical study....", only products for sale with zero articles on Holy Basil.

Also, I could not locate "human" clinical trials/studies on Holy Basil, only on animals. All "human" clinical studies/trials are required to be registered and approved beforehand with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services agencies; National Institutes of Health [NIH] and National Library of Medicine. Usually can be located by sponsor, drug/herb type, or location.There is one possible "human" study from 1995 in India, but the results abstract co$t.

Without human clinical trials a long term effect of Holy Basil is a problem. Without testing there is simply no information to know what damage, if any, it can cause to the body after long term usage. If it works for you, great. But, the saying buyer beware applies.

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Thanks for the test #'s.

That was a quote from an herbal website. There was no foot note pertaining to the actual study, some names though. That's why I mentioned it "might" help some people before developing full blown diabetes. You have to dig deep to find any original health studies on the web. If someone goggled all day, might have better luck. I seriously doubt it will be any help to people insulin dependent.


There are others too, that just mention it.
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"What is the best method of testing glucose with a home meter before and after meals for a good baseline to compare in the future?"

Preprandial [b4 meal] levels should be in normal fasting range of 60/70 to 99 mg/dl

Postprandial [2-3 hours after meal] range are as follows:
• Diabetics aim for <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl.
• In non-diabetics, glucose peak ∼60 minutes after the start of a meal, rarely exceed 140 mg/dl, and return to preprandial fasting levels.

Regarding holy basil, what is the name of the clinical study? I would like to read the parameters and term of this study.
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