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glucose level is 270 - ?

Just got results from  annual bloodwork.  Glucose level was 270 and this was a fasting blood test.  They told me it was high-  How bad is it?  My dr. was suspicious because I have lost weight and have a few other symptoms.  So  I am glad they tested, but do not have a follow up appt for another month.  Any info is appreciated.  :)
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270 is very high, even if you weren't fasting.  Sounds like you have overt diabetes.

You should definitely be seeing your doctor in the next few days (please make a schedule) rather than in 1 month.

If your doctor doesn't take this seriously its time for a new doctor.  Read up on diabetes and please limit your carbs intake.
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Thank you very much -- and I will ask for that test.  
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" Glucose level was 270 and this was a fasting blood test.  They told me it was high-  How bad is it?"

For starters, it's good you posted and question your doctors attitude. Normal fasting glucose levels range from 60/70 to 99 mg/dl. As you can see you're three times above the normal range. If you didn't fast properly - meaning you had a small nibble on some food or sipped on colored liquids  8-10 hours prior to testing - your test results will be skewered. You also didn't mention what those "few other symptoms" were. An infection like a cold can skewer results too. It's important to know what medication, if any, you were taking prior to and the day of the test. Certain medications are known to raise glucose levels. A retest is in order.

You should ask for an A1c test. The A1c is the current gold standard in identifying glucose levels by measuring your glucose over the past 2-3 months. Why go back 2-3 months? Excess glucose binds to the outside of new red blood cells [rbc] never getting absorbed or burnt off for energy. RBC's live on average 2-3 months, the A1c captures this. No fasting is required. Normal is <5%.  Good luck
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