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high,normal and low ranges

I have diabetes, but i have no clue what are the range levels. What numbers are high,normal and low can you please help me with this.
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These guidelines are  adapted from the 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines of the Canadian Diabetes Association. They do not imply they are normal or acceptable but only glycemic targets for most diabetics who home monitor  I should have made that clearer in my post. Sorry...
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asok475 - Please ask whoever provided those numbers to you why higher levels is better/accepted over past years lower levels [what I reference] and not the other way around. It just doesn't make sense for it to be OK for type 2 diabetics to have higher levels and have those higher levels be considered normal/acceptable. If they refer to web sites such as the ADA [American Diabetes Association] or the Canadian Diabetes Association web site did you know both are sponsored by major drug firms, and there are others including several major hospitals. The wolf is watching the sheep.
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A fasting blood suger of  4.0  to 7.0 and two hours after meals of 5 to 10 are the numbers given me. If A!C is higher than 7% then the later range should be 5 to 8. These numbers are in mmol/L. To convert multiply by 18.05
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OK, glucose levels are pretty easy to explain. Since you posted on the type 2 forum I'm going to assume you want t2 figures. You also didn't tell us where you're from so I'm posting both measurement values - USA is mg/dl, Europe mmol/l.

First thing in morning before breakfast is called preprandial.
Normal levels are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl, or 3.33/3.88 to 5.5 mmol/l
Prediabetes levels are 100 to 125 mg/dl, or 5.55 to 6.94 mmol/l
Above the above is considered diabetes.

After meals is called postprandial. Test 2-3 hours after eating when sugars from foods you ate have plateaued in your blood stream.
Normal levels for non-diabetics are same as above
For diabetics the goal is <141 mg/dl, or 7.83 mmol/l. Optimum is <121 mg/dl, or 7.72 mmol/l. If you can obtain normal levels then you get a big attaboy/attagirl.

Low levels are below 60 mg/dl, or 3.33 mmol/l. Below 40 mg/dl, or 2.22 mmol/l is considered dangerous/life threatening.

Post back to this thread if you need further clarification.
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