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hi i am hoping that someone can help me i have pretty much been dealing with low blood sugar for as long as i can remmber but all the diets that i find for it is tring to advoid the spikes so you dont go low well i dont have the spikes so the diet isnt working for me. i am usually in the 70s & 80s mostly 80s 2 hours or less after i eat . can someone tell me what your suppost to do if you dont get the spikes but the lows. thank you.
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My sis-in-law is hypoglycemic too!!  How are you feeling when you have a count in the 70's or 80's???  Do you have any of these symptoms...shaking, sweating, confusion, weakness??  If so, experiment with Orange juice or grape juice or whatever juice you prefer...drink 4 ounces and wait 10-15 minutes and check your count again...depending on which lab you have your blood work done, the normal range is either 70-110 or 80-120...if you are not having a hypoglycemic event, sweating, shaking etc. it's possible that your count is fine...as everyone's symptoms can be different, you need to discuss this with your doctor or a nutritionist...good luck...let us know how you're doing...;)
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You did not say in your post if you had been evaluated by a physician or if you were ever diagnosed as a diabetic. For many people a blood glucose in the 80s except following a meal or other food/drink intake is normal.

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