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lowering hemoglobinA1C and fructosomine

I am 56 and just signed up for more life insurance.  My hemoglobin A1c was 6.7 and fructosamine was 2.00.  This was over the holidays but I need to get serious about my health.  I jog every weekday for 2 miles.  I am using a lot of SlimFast to lose weight.  I need to lose about 30 pounds.  What can I do to lower these numbers naturally? My glucose was 83.  Am I getting close to Diabetes Adult Type II?

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Where do you live? USA or Europe? Testing Fructosamine is unusual unless the doctor is monitoring your glucose levels to see a rapid decrease from previous testing. Were you tested 3-4 months prior to the results your posted?

As Sally stated, your A1c says you are type 2 diabetic. An A1c of 6.7% equates your daily average glucose level at 161 mg/dl or 9.0 mmol/L, way over the normal maximum limit of 99 mg/dl or 5.5 mol/L. Proper diabetic nutrition, maintaining proper weight, and physical exercise are the most important factors in controlling this disease. Read through the post below as I have addressed these issues, especially food choices on what to eat and what to avoid, numerous times. Above all continue with your exercise and weight loss goals.
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a h1ac of 6.7 is already considered diabetic. The cut off is usually about 6.1, but ideal in non-diabetic is about 4.7.  have you dicussed management wirh your doctor.

you need to jog more frequenltly, not just on the weekend.
diet - you need to read up on diabetic and lower carb diets and follow it. Slimfast is 1 approach to losing weight, but it is not developing good and sustainable eating habits.

Also recommend you buy a blood sugar monitor and start testing regularly.

hope this helps. best wishes.
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