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I believe that I have spontaneously recovered from diabetes. My sugar values have remained non-diabetic since 2007 despite my medication doses being cut in half in 2009 thanks to frequent episodes of low blood sugar caused by the medication. I can't persuade my family doctor to give me a test to see whether I'm still diabetic unless I lose weight first, but I believe that I'm unnecessarily destroying my digestive tract by popping pills when I don't need to. What are my options?
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What medications do you take?  If it is metformin, it is one of the preferred and very effective drugs for treating diabetes.

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You say your A1C has been below 6.5.  What is the actual number.

An A1C of 6.5 is still diabetic.

Truly normal non-diabetic A1C is 4.1 - 4.6, with an average blood sugar of around 83 with very little variability.

To count as non-diabetic, your fasting numbers should be < 95 and your 2-hours after eating should be < 120 (but more ideally also < 100).

If your numbers really are this good then you can say your diabetes has reversed.

If not, please keep up your excellent work with the lifestyle management.
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In Canada, the glucose [blood sugar] measurement unit is mmol/l. The A1c in Canada and the US is measured in % [percentile]. An A1c of 6.5% equates to 7.77 mmol/l, diabetes. These are the glucose ranges:
- Normal ranges are 3.33/3.88 to 5.5 mmol/l
- Prediabetes 5.55 to 6.94 mmol/l
- Diabetes 7 mmol/l and above

You can purchase your own home glucose test meter from your local pharmacist or ask your doctor for one or where to obtain one.
Testing times and ranges are:
● Fasting: First thing in morning before eating or drinking any colored liquids. Plain water is OK.
● Postprandial: 2-3 hrs after a meal for diabetics are <7.83 mmol/l, optimum <6.72. Normal non-diabetics will see normal fasting ranges
● Bedtime: Going to bed with higher than normal levels means 1/3 of your day is spent with high levels.

Weight has a lot to do with t2 diabetes. Losing the extra poundage is known to help lower your levels. Also, avoid eating sugary foods and foods laden with carbohydrates.
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Thanks for your response.

I have the A1C test every three months. Every single time for the past four years it has been under 6.5 (Canadian numbers). I'm at about 195 lbs right now and my doctor wants me to be down to at least 180 before he'll agree to consider that I might no longer be diabetic. Truth to tell, I think he doesn't want the peer review people up his butt about costing the pharmaceutical companies some medication sales without having at least some kind of excuse. But my mother died from having her digestive tract destroyed by overprescription of medication and I don't want the same thing to happen to me.
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You can have another blood test to see where the A1C scores are.  They should be done at least every 3-6 months (at least my dr. does) anyway.  Losing weight will help you stay with good sugar levels.  If your doctor does not want to retest...you could find a new doctor that is more proactive.  

He may feel that your are not being proactive by losing the weight.  Do you have a lot to lose??  Just wondering what his reasoning is.
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