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not reducing blood sugar

I am having diabetes with hypertension (blood sugar fasting level - 132) My weight is 95 kg. I am taking metforming i gm since 1 year doing a regular exercise of 50 min.controlled my food intake. Still weight not reducing .My height is 175 cm.is there anything wrong with me?please suggest
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"controlled my food intake"

Cannot be controlled if you gain or maintain an above normal weight level. As diabetes86 stated, reduce your carb intake. This will help lower your blood sugar levels. For low carb meal planning go here for ideas  http://www.atkins.com/Home.aspx  .

Start a written log of what you eat/drink and portion size, next to it your blood sugar levels. Test before you eat [preprandial] for a baseline measurement and then 2-3 hours after you finish your meal [postprandial]. You do have a home glucose test meter, right?  By comparing preprandial with postprandial, postprandial will inform you which foods elevate your levels and which ones do not.

You need to make a concentrated lifestyle change starting with foods. Along with eliminating sugary foods and liquids from your diet avoid foods made with white flour [breads, crackers, etc], starchy foods such as white rice, potatoes and pasta, and most dairy products.

" doing a regular exercise of 50 min"
I commend you for exercising as exercise is very important with helping to lower blood sugar and hypertension levels. But, do you break sweat 10 minutes into your workout? If not pick up the pace. And, eat before working out not after. Working out on an empty stomach makes you crave food after. Good luck -
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Thanks for good suggestion
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Thanks for your good suggestion.
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Yes; your diabetic
It is extra hard for T2 to loose weight the extra insulin floating around in us makes that difficult.  One thin you can do is reduce your carbohydrates in food.  less carbs    less insulin needed by your body =   weight loss
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