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possible diabetes?

Here's my story.. last August I had physical and my fasting BS was 99. My doctor said he would prefer lower but didn't mention anything about diabetes. Then I got pregnant this march and had my A1C tested at about 10 weeks. It was a 5.2 with an average blood glucose of 103. Did not have fasting at this point. My doctor said this is normal..Im now 23 weeks and the other day went in for routine appt and my urine tested high for glucose..They did not seem concerned and just scheduled me for the routine glucose testing at 26 weeks. My major concern is not only the possibility of have gestational diabetes but that I may have regular type 2 and was unaware. Would the A1C be higher if I had preexisting diabetes? I have read 5.2 is normal but have also read its the high the end of normal...very confused and scared that i didn't know i had it, had uncontrolled sugar this whole time and have caused damage to my baby because of it. I checked my fasting BS this am and it was 97...still high
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If your urine tested high for glucose you should have your screening early.  Diabetes in pregnancy is a risk for the baby.

Insulin resistance increases rapidly as the pregnancy progresses.  While the A1c of 5.2 is quite reasonable, it measures the last 3 months and it could be that your sugars have recently increased.

In the meantime limit your carbs (particularly sweets, white bread, fruit and fruit juice, soda) and try to walk 30 minutes twice a day, if possible.
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I believe there's some confusion on glucose levels so I'll try to clear that up for you. A fasting glucose of 97 mg/dl is not high but is leaning towards the upper range of normal.

Normal fasting is between 60/70 to 99 mg/dl
Prediabetes is 100 to 125 mg/dl
Diabetes is considered 126 mg/dl and above

The 5.2% A1c does indicate a slightly elevated level of 103 mg/dl but I would rule that towards your pregnancy. What you can do to help yourself and baby is pay strict attention to your nutrition by minimizing your carb intake [and of course sugary foods], and try walking around your neighborhood to help burn off the excess glucose. Most of the time, eating properly can keep your glucose levels from becoming too high or too low. Eating properly can also help you avoid needing medication. Good luck
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