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how can I get glucose strips my doctor won't prescribe because my daughter is prediabetic
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As a long term Diabetic 2, I have been using quite a few brands:Free Style, One Touch, and lately the ReliOn sold at WalMart. I think the Relion is the better of all. It's least expensive, at least it's much cheaper than the most popular One Touch, and its lancet system gives me the least pain and it requires the least amount of my blood sample as little as the Freestyle do.
I am referring the RelionMicro monitoring,test, device because there are other cheaper monitoring ,test devices by Relion but require more blood sample. you have to pay attention to it.
Another thing, I'd like to mention to first timers to use the Relion Micro monitoring device: When you first you this Relion Micro monitoring, for the first few days , its reading are always much higher than of One touch's, but after a few days, its reading is in line with the One touch's.So currently I am using the Relion Micro monitoring system and personally I am quite pleased with it.
Good luck
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alp1944 -
"Please let me know if you can find any less expensive as they are high dollar most places."

I would first check your health insurance policy to see what it covers. Some friends have told me they get up to 80% off. Might also check the test meter maker web site for an "assistance program." And look for Medicare discounts too.

I looked at HealthWarehouse.com for pricing on Ultra One-Touch strips. eBay has them much lower.
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Try HealthWarehouse.com that is the cheapest place I have found them. I just bought my first order today from them. What kind of meter are you using to test? Please let me know if you can find any less expensive as they are high dollar most places.
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No Rx required for test strips. Try wherever you purchased the glucose test meter, or online at Amazon or web sites like americandiabeteswholesale.
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