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proper diet

i am a diebetic and am on metformin,glyberide, and pioglitazone. i need to manage my sugar better. i tried exercise, cutting out most carbs in my diet. but i get attacked by pasta and pizza from time to time. i really have cut back a lot on my diet but need other tips so that my a-1c gets better. any ideas?
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Wow, you appear perplexed on how to managing your diabetes yet you come across as having the knowledge. We get many posters with their diabetes running amok because they do little to practice self-control or practice what they already know. I hope you take my comments in a positive constructive manner.

"i need to manage my sugar better."
Translated:  It's hard to give up my sweets and deserts.
A: Try using a sugar substitute like Splenda. Find sugar free alternatives if you must. Sugar is your worst enemy.

"i tried exercise"
Translated: I do not have the will power to exercise. I make excuses not to.
A: Go for 20-minute walks 5 times a week. You can do that can you not? Being sedentary is bad for you.

"i get attacked by pasta and pizza from time to time."
Translated: Come on, you know food cannot attack a person a person attacks food.
A: Look for Dreamfield's pasta. Extremely low in digestive carbs and has great flavor. Their mfg process prevents most digestible carbs from being absorbed. Carbs turn into sugar after eating. Normally pasta would jack me into the high 200's or low 300's. With Dreamfields my 2-3 hour glucose levels hovers in the low 150's mid 140's.

Pizza dough uses white flour. White flour is high in carbohydrates, which in turn turns into sugar after eating. Have you ever tried corn meal or whole-wheat crusts?

"i really have cut back a lot on my diet"
Translated: But I still eat my pasta, pizza, or other sugary and high carbohydrate foods .
A: Eat more vegetables and more fruits. Avoid man made prepared packaged/canned foods. Try to make an appointment with a diabetic nutritionist to educate you about foods you should eat and what foods to avoid. Ask your doctor for a referral.

"need other tips so that my a-1c gets better. any ideas?"
Diabetes control is simple and requires a lifestyle change. Proper nutrition, physical exercise 5 times a week and maintaining proper body weight all play a key role, especially the physical exercise.

Hope this gave you some ideas.
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I concur completely with WaveRiders advice to you.

I also want to reinforce her recommendation of Dreamfield's pasta. I am a diabetic and I love it, my wife is not diabetic and she loves the Dreamfield's. I serve it to my guest and they can't taste any differences. It cost a little more than regular pasta, but my and your health are worth the extra change.

Time to get busy and get health,
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I'm a "he". In Calif, the Safeway stores often have in-store 2 for $4 sales.
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wow! for a 109 year old guy you sure are doing well !! :) thanks for the insight. i do make excuses for lack of control on my diet but i have made progress. (compared to the the way i used to eat) i will look for that dreamfields pasta, i live in Mississippi so its a little behind the times as far as healthy foods are concerned. i used to walk 3 miles a day but gave it up when i saw no improvement in my sugar levels, i also had foot problems. i work on a small farm putting up fences and taking care of our critters, so i do get some exercise. my weight is a little high but not too bad. i know i need to do more to manage my diabetes. thanks for any help. ken
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another of my problems is binge eating, sometimes i get nuts with an insane taste for something. any help there?
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I can't add too much to the good advice you've already received but just a couple comments: Binge eating is often a combination of emotional (using food to deal with feelings) and physical. Carbs and sugar most of all are truly addictive. When you eliminate the sugar and reduce your intake of carbs you may find you have a significant reduction in cravings. Then you just need to deal with the psychological aspects.

Dreamfield's Pasta is great for some diabetics and doesn't work for others of us. For me, number one the amount of "digestable carbs" they list is way low. Second, I find that my blood sugar is fine after two hours, but I get a spike later, like between 3 and 6 hours. The only way I can eat it without spiking is to limit my servings to 1/2 Cup which is exactly what I can eat of regular (cheaper) pasta so for me it's not worth it. YMMV
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I know you are finding it hard to avoid temptation and break old habits. You gotta say goodbye to that old girlfriend. Once you have, it becomes easy. Yeah, it is not that easy at first but if you can lay fences all day you can do this, including halting your binge eating. Binging is more of an impulsive reaction than a need. A big difference between I need to eat and I want to eat that. The latter is a craving, a bad habit, the old girlfriend you still want to hookup with but makes you want to pull your hair out. Remove from your kitchen all junk foods and do not buy them either. Give 'em to the homeless shelter, your neighbors. If they're not around you won't give in to temptation. Binge on what mother nature intended us to eat - fruits and vegetables. It's a piece of cake, sugar free cake that is.

Let me clarify my reference to Dreamfields pasta. Dreamfields has 65% less digestive carbs than other brands making it much safer to consume FOR Type 2 diabetics. Dreamfields targets the Type 2 diabetic community NOT neither Type 1's nor Type 1.5/LADA diabetics.Those in the latter group may encounter inconsistencies.

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wow! great advice! now i feeli'm not alone anymore. thx.
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Itis the high Triglycerides that is going to kill us !
Take care of the bad lipids --Eat
Lots of  walnuts , chia seeds ,  flax etc
Look for ways to raise the HDL -- Polycosenol tabs etc..
Go vegetarian and slow down the ruin !
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