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should i be concered about diabetes?

So I went to the docs awhile ago about something, and had my urine tested and she said it showed everything including glucose, and i would have to be careful about my diet etc. But when my blood was tested abit later my glucose was normal. Im not overweight at all, I dont eat that much but i do have another autoimmune disease.
Anyway I checked my BGluose with meter yesturday, it was after eating but I hadn't eaten much because i cooked some meat and then it was off so all I had was a couple of small potatoes and a bit of salad, and my reading was 7.4. I dont normally check it, but its never been that high before. I know its not that high, but should I be worried?
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From the U.S. National Library of Medicine,  National Institutes of Health

Urine Glucose Test:
Normal Results

Glucose is not usually found in urine. If it is, further testing is needed.

Normal glucose range in urine: 0 - 0.8 mmol/l (0 - 15 mg/dL)

The examples above are common measurements for results of these tests. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some labs use different measurements or test different samples. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results.
What Abnormal Results Mean

Greater than normal levels of glucose may occur with:

  - Diabetes, although blood glucose tests are needed to diagnose diabetes. Small increases in urine glucose levels after a large meal are not always a cause for concern.
  - A rare condition in which glucose is released from the kidneys into the urine, even when blood glucose levels are normal (renal glycosuria)
   - Pregnancy -- up to half of women will have glucose in their urine at some point during pregnancy. Glucose in the urine may mean that a woman has gestational diabetes.

Glucose will only show up in the urine once it has reached high levels in the blood. As a result, a glucose urine test is not useful for helping a person monitor and control their diabetes.
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Glucose being found in your urine is not normal.

Blurry vision is also not normal.

As mentioned above you now need a full check for diabetes.

Diabetes can develop rapidly.  If you are thin it may not be Type 2, it could be type 1.

If you have a home meter you can test 2 hours after eating (ideally <100 but <120 is still considered acceptable) and fasting first thing in the morning before eating - normal is in the 80s but < 95 is considered normal.

Your doctor should be checking HBA1C as a screening test.  This gives average blood sugar for the past 3 months.  IF this is high then further testing should be done.
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Try calling/emailing your doctor an inquire how much sugar was found in your urine. Low amounts are fine, not abnormally high amounts. Please reread the 3rd paragraph in my prior post.
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thanks for your answers. I don't know whether there were ketones in my urine she just said to me it showed everything including glucose. My blood test was taken a week or two later i think, not sure. it was awhile ago now.
im not diabetic. im not overweight. my BMI was 22 but probably less than that now as haven't been eating as much. Dont get much exercise though as had al of problems with illness lately.
i'll have to keeep an eye on it
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"had my urine tested and she said it showed everything including glucose,"
I don't know what is meant by "it showed everything". However, when your body has excess blood sugar it is expelled through the kidneys via urine as a by product called Ketones. Too much Ketones can lead to one developing a potential life threatening condition called Ketoacidosis.

"But when my blood was tested abit later my glucose was normal."
It would help to know what "a bit later" is. Was this after your urine test? Had you fasted 8-10 hrs prior to the test?

"Anyway I checked my BGluose with meter yesturday, it was after eating....my reading was 7.4"
Testing after eating is called postprandial. Postprandial test times is 2-3 hrs after a meal. Before this time does not provide a good insight as your blood sugar is still on the rise. Are you in the UK? If yes, the 7.4 mmol/l indicates 133.20 mg/dl, an acceptable postprandial levels IF you are diabetic. If not, it is high. Normal is between 3.33 - 5.55 mmol/l [60-99 mg/dl. Since you didn't tell us the category type of meter used [standard glucose or A1c], the 7.4 could imply an A1c of 7.4%, which is equivalent to a daily glucose average of 9.22 mmol/l [166 mg/dl]. The potatoes probably caused your blood sugar elevation. Potato's are a starch, starches are quickly digested and their sugars enter the blood stream rapidly. To a diabetic starches are a no-no.

"but should I be worried?"
Yes. As stated earlier, signs of Ketones can lead to serious health issues unless one does something to stop the flow. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes to avoid going down the wrong road. It would be in your best interest to get referred to an Endocrinologist [a doctor specializing in diabetes treatment and care] for follow-up testing. In the meantime educate yourself on how to prevent the onset of diabetes by maintaining proper body weight, daily exercise, maintaining and controlling your Lipid panel, and by eating the proper/correct/healthy foods. Good luck -

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sugar in the urine is a sign of diabetes. So is blured vision.
BG of 7.4  after eating is also a sign.

Other things can also cause those symptoms.

Time to get a proper checkup for diabetes.

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o also forgot to say iv had really blurry vision lately
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