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should i take medicine

Was diagnosed diabetic in Dec 2020(HB1ac- 6.1) ( weight was 89.3 kgs)
Quit alcohol and went on diet and exercise since then (weight is 83.5 kgs)
Feb 2021 - HB1ac - 5.7
Active until April 22,2021 with diet and exercise
Since then i was stuck in india and could not return back to UAE and also started back on drinks for a few weeks until now july 20,2021
HB1ac - now @ 6.4 , weight is 83.5 kgs , doctor now has prescribed metamorfin 500 mg saying its a sensitizer only for 3 months along with omega 3 ( Is this needed and ok to take ? or should i revert back to diet and excercise to reverse it or is it too risky and are there chances it will go to diabetic stage if i dont take metamorfin - can some one clarify?

Fasting sugar @102
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Given that your a1c is rising, it would be wise I believe to both take the medicine as given by the Dr, and to change your lifestyle; diet (lower carb usually better), lose weight, exercise.

Metformin is an insulin sensitizer.. helps your body to better use the insulin that it is producing.

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okay so metformin 500 mg doesn't mean that i am on medication to control the blood sugar? just worried and dont want to start on meds that will become long term
That is a low dose of metformin.  Metformin can be helpful in getting things under control (it is a long used first line medication, and proven to be very useful).

The medication can be stopped if you can get your levels down to normal.  It is important to have normal blood sugar levels to prevent complications.
Your first A1c was 6.1, this is an average BG of about 139 (7.7)
Then you were 5.4, this is an average BG of  about 114 (6.3)
Now you are A1C of 6.4, this is an average BG of 150 (8.3)

Compare this with normal and non diabetic levels which should be ideally a1c of 5 or lower and average BG of lower than 100 (5.5).  The meds will help and you can also address the diet, weight, sleep, exercise etc.

High BG (above 120 to 140) are known to cause complications.

Best wishes.
Clear , thanks for the crisp details
Hi Super sally_888 , just one week on meds and the sugar level is super regulated  at 5.3 average i mean i understood the above explanation but long term taking this medicine will it be an issue ? or as doctor told i quote after 3 months and then by diet and exercise should the sugar levels be ok?
You should always discuss meds with your doctor. He may want you to see a nutritionist.  Diabetes is a progressive disease but it can be controlled by diet. Connect yourself with an endocrinologist. You'll be happy you did.
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