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very dizzy

one month ago started on metformin was told i have diabetes but i was feeling really good so now im on metformin and now i feel tired, don't want to do anything not even walk and also now i cant really eat cause im so dizzy afterwards sugar in the 400 cant get an appt at doctor cause it a free clinic what should i do
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I was prescribed metformin and declined to take it because I worry about diarrhea-I have recurrent polyps and family history of colon cancer.

My understanding is that metformin functions like a diuretic/stool softener-are you experiencing bowel issues as a result? Bowel issues can cause you to be dehydrated.


Lastly, your number readings are incomplete without knowing what you ate and when you ate it, before you tested.  

This why the better clinics want you to be fasting prior to testing-to determine your baseline-this is also why they want you to test in the morning after a night's sleep and before eating again.

Completely healthy people can have a high reading if they just ate a large piece of birthday cake and drank a 2 litre bottle of pop!
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Right, try to follow the Glycemic Index of low and medium rated foods and that will
help to lower your A1C and glucose readings.
Glycemic index rates foods according to how they affect your glucose numbers. Many websites will let you look up foods to see the ratings.

So potatoes are worse than cauliflower, for example, because potatoes have alot of starch aka sugar aka carbs in them and would affect your glucose ratings more than cauliflower.

Many don't realize though that one food has multiple glycemic index ratings, according to how it is prepared.

Raw, boiled, baked, fried, steamed, etc.
Sliced, chopped, mashed, liquified, etc.
Frozen, cold, hot, dried.  

Even what you eat/drink WITH the food matters. My Diet Coke, I suspect, would not pair well with mashed potatoes, for example, because of how fast those potatoes would dissolve into pure starch aka sugar aka carbs aka glucose thus more would enter my blood stream faster than my body could expel it.

I never see this addressed in articles but expelling food once digested also is of importance to a diabetic. Some people have fast colons and some people have slow colons for a variety of reasons and I am fairly sure constipation leads to higher glucose readings. Diabetes research is surely looking at issues of acid production, probiotics, constipation, ulcers, diseases like crohn's, hirschprung's, etc.

Raw potato, baked potato, boiled potato, mashed potato, cold potato salad, hot german potato salad-all have a different glycemic index rating.
YSI - My doctor told me that the stool-softening effect wears off once the body gets used to metformin.  She was right!
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YSI - Thank you for the information
Metformin is not a diuretic, it is an insulin sensitizer.  It makes the cells in your body more sensitive to your body's own insulin.

Some people have tummy issues, but these are typically manageable and go away after a period of time.  The best way to minimize this is to start on a very low dose and then build up slowly over days to weeks.

Yes, cutting carbs is the best way to help manage diabetes.  This includes not just fruit juices and sodas, but added sugars of all kinds, fruits, grains, and starchy veges.
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Have you applied for Medicaid? What state are you in? You need regular care and checkups when you have diabetes. Make yourself walk. Make yourself eat no sweets and low carbs.  If you go to a good dr it could be they'll put you on something else when you tell them the side effects.
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hey there luvdogsandmusic, I love that user name.  :>))  We have things in common!  That's great advice also about type 2 diabetes. Do you have it?  Do you take any medication?
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I am taking Metformin, Invokna, and Trulicity. They seem to be working together. I also have increased my walking, and reading labels more at the grocery store.
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With blood sugars in the 400s you are at serious risk of complications.  Could there be a possibility that you have type 1 instead of type 2 diabetes.
It is very likely that you need insulin.  Can you get back to see a dr?  This is urgent!  You can have a stroke or heart attack with sugars this high.

Suggest that you also adopt a very low carb / ketogenic diet, with no added sugars/ grains/ sweet fruits and very limited carbs just from non0-starchy veges  to also help control your blood sugars.  But most important to see a Dr.

Please let us know how you are going!  Very concerned about your situation.
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Go to the free clinic and tell them your blood sugar is out of control.  Use Super_sally888's explanation about Type 1.  PLEASE!
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