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weight loss on Victoza

I'm a type II diabetic, diagnosed in 2001.  I have been on victoza since around November of 2011.  I wasn't considered overweight (147 and 5'7" tall).  I have lost nearly 23 pounds and can't stop losing, it seems.  My lack of appetite is real concerning to me as well as the other side effects and the effects on my liver and kidneys.  I would love to get off this drug for sure.  I'm attempting to see an alternative medicine physician because I believe that with diet, the correct diet and supplements, I can control my diabetes much better.  I am in the process of changing to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.  

My clothes just hang on me.  I was fine when I was down to 130 pounds, but really don't feel I need to lose more. Doctor is also pushing to put me on cholesterol and blood pressure medicine, when both are fine.  B.P. was up  a bit because of nerves and cholesterol was a few points over normal.  This doesn't warrant medication in my opinion.
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Hi there!

If the blood pressure and cholesterol are just at the upper limit, I would suggest diet modification and regular exercise and getting repeat tests in 4-6 weeks, before considering medications. Regarding victoza, if the side effects are severe/ intolerable, the medication can be substituted with other drugs that are better tolerated. Also diet control and exercise are again vital for adequate diabetic control. I would suggest consulting a qualified nutritionist to chalk out a diet chart that would suit your needs and consider discussing the change in diabetic medications with your doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I was diagnose with diabetes 2 in 2016 was put on junuvia and victoza my weight was 145lbs i have gain 35lbs in one year is that normal
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Please shed some light on using Victoza SOLELY for weight loss in a patient whose Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus is in Perfect control?
Grade 3 obesity, biochemical hypothyroid and diabetic since 7 years.
Both under good control.
On regular Eltroxin 50mcg, Pioglitazone, Voglibose Nateglinide and Repaglinide in prescribed doses as per doctor's prescription.
Also takes homeopathy and Ayurvedic propreitary medications for plantar fasciitis and Bile problems.
HbA1c%, blood sugars, kidney & liver & thyroid function tests are within normal limits since 3 years.
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