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weight lost

I been diagnoss *** a diabetic and I been loosing a lot of weight is it normal? i was at 275 now am down to 234 in just 1 1/2 month
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it is not normal to lose this much weight this quickly, even if you were on a diet.

My first question is how is your blood sugar?  What is your A1C? If these are high you could be losing weight becuase your body is not producing enough insulin to allow it to use the food that you eat.  This is a very serious condition and needs to be treated to prevent copmlications.

Does your doctor know you have lost so much weight so quickly?  What meds are you taking?

Please respond and then we could provide some more constructive advice.
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my wife is diabetic and is losing it allot slower it depends on what meds you are on and probably a better diet just eat normal good meals maybe increase portion sizes but just watch your size to weight ratio and most important tell doc and work with him or a nutritionist
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