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Trying to lose weight

I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years, now I'm trying to lose weight. I exercise 5 days a week and am eating smaller meals and snacks. But I'm not losing any weight. Got any suggestions? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.
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Hi Becky -

It can be quite challenging to lose weight while taking enough insulin to control your blood glucose.  But here are some ideas that might help.

1)  Try to exercise AFTER meals.  That way you can reduce your mealtime boluses and not require any extra food to prevent hypoglycemia.

2) Do all you can to avoid hypoglycemia.  Every low requires extra calories, and the low means that you have more insulin than you require -- and that extra insulin is promoting the enlargement of fat cells.

3) Consume modest amounts of carbohydrate.  To much means extra calories, and too little will cause your metabolism to slow down.  If you don't get enough carbs, protein will raise your glucose, and that can wreck your BG control.

4) Ask your physician about trying one of the injectible meds that helps slow digestion and suppress appetite, such as Victoza or Symlin.  These are associated with weight loss.  The new SGLT-2 inhibitors (such as Invokanna) can also induce weight loss by causing extra glucose to be lost through the urine.

There are probably a dozen other strategies, but these should be good to get you started.  If you're interested in working with a team of experts in type-1 diabetes management and weight control, feel free to contact my office (877-735-3648, or 610-642-6055).  Our CDEs work with clients worldwide via phone and the internet.
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