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15 yo urine odor-is this diabetes

Hi !
Im 15 and have a great problem. I have a strange smell of urine(i cant realy describe it....its not a sweet smell, but it is something strange). I am experiencing this since October 2012(start of it). I didnt think much of it, till now when i read it is a sign of diabetes. I dont have any other symptoms at all, havent lost any weight, dont have any family history of diabetes. What is this. It calmed down around December, January now it came back. What is this.
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The smell is strange(strong). Experiencing it from October, i have anxiety. Cant realy describe the smell. Its not sweety smell, but it is very strange.

I had a physical exam with a CBC test and nothing showed up.

P.S. I am skinny(didnt loose any weight), no family history....i am not thirsty, hungry
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