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82-year old diabetic with gallstones--surgery or not?

My father is 82-years old and almost died a year ago from a quadruple bypass--he was in the ICU for six weeks and then in various hospitals for four months. He has now been home about nine months and can walk but is generally weak (his lungs are not fully back to normal). He goes to dialysis three times a week. About two months ago he had three painful attacks of what turned out to be gallstones. The surgeon wants him to have laparoscopic surgery, but the lung doctor and my father himself seem to feel that surgery is not a good idea. He will be put under anesthesia. He is not in good shape now and we fear that going under general anesthesia would put him at a risk for death. But the surgeon says that another acute attack and the need for an emergency operation would be worse. Please give our family any advice! We do not want to put him through another surgery if possible. Thank you.
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I can understand your concern about another surgery, especially after all your father has been through in the past year. Is it possible to conference with the lung doctor and your father's surgeon? Most surgeons will not want to take an unnecessary risk if a patient is not cleared for surgery by another specialty. Is it possible that either the surgeon does not know the full extent of your fathers lung issues, or that the lung doctor is not aware of the full extent of the surgeons concerns regarding the more extensive emergency surgery? If the two doctors were to consult they might be able to agree on an action plan that is safest for your father. Additionally, if you or your father is still not sure which is the safest route, it might not hurt to get a second opinion.

Good luck.

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