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83 yrs old Type 2 & bypass surgery

I am 83 years old nad had triple bypass surgery Dec 7, 2007.
I have type 2 disbetes.
What do I really need to be aware of?

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Your bypass, although quite a stressful surgery, has given your heart's vessels a second chance, so be sure to take care of it. If you smoke--stop. Be sure to kepe up with your appointments regarding all medications, and keep an especially good eye on your blood sugars. Good glucose control helps with wound healing and in the long-term, the life of your bypass as well. If you are not sure about some dietary habits, ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist as well. You can look into our Diabetes Bridge program as it is specially designed for folks who have recently had surgery: www.endocrinehelp.com.
Take care of yourself and all the best.
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O my, just live life and Enjoy, but do take care of your diet, and limit the white flour and sweets according to your blood sugars. How do u feel since your bypass surgery? better or fatigue? Just take care and Havea very nice Christamas, Debbie
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