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Accurate diagnosis?

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  I had 2 blood glucose levels that were elevated (120) - the first in my entire lifetime that have ever been elevated and I'm 51 - and an A1C level of 6.7.  Subsequent glucose levels have been coming down (without any change in diet or meds).

I also have high cholesterol and Stage 3 chronic kidney disease, the latter which was recently diagnosed, but which I have apparently had for at least 2 years.  My BP is low.  I have read that high cholesterol levels and chronic kidney disease can give an incorrect A1C reading.

My biggest concern is that I have been diagnosed with diabetes after 2 glucose levels and an A1C level that may not be accurate.  I've always had low blood sugars (and, in fact, have a problem with my sugar bottoming out when I don't eat right); my eating habits of the last few months have been somewhat erratic because of a serious depression I'm dealing with.  I'm not on any of the meds that increasing sugar, but my appetite has increased.

What tests are normally done to diagnose diabetes?  Would it be reasonable to request a more thorough work-up?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

A hemoglobin A1C greater than 6.5 is considered a positive indicator for diabetes.  A fasting blood sugar greater than 126mg/dl (confirmed on a second test on a different day) indicates diabetes.  A fasting blood sugar from 100-125 is considered prediabetes.  

Chronic kidney disease can affect your A1c level so it may not be accurate.  Your fasting blood sugars of 120mg/dl indicate prediabetes.  So, you may want to ask for repeat testing in a few weeks and see what your fasting blood sugars do.  There are positive changes that you can make that may help your blood sugars continue to decrease.  If you are overweight, you can try losing weight.  A good exercise routine can help.  Not smoking.  Maintain a healthy blood pressure. Also, a healthy, balanced diet.  Discuss your options with your doctor.  Good luck.

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