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Age vs Normal Glucose Range

Does a persons age play a factor for their "normal" fasting glucose range? During my last visit to my 82 yo mother, I happened to see her test results that showed her fasting glucose range topping out at 180 mg.

I, on the other hand, being 60 yo & under immunosuppressant meds have a range from 50 - 150 mg, yet I constantly hear the normal range is 70 - 120. Both of our blood samples are tested at the same lab too. So what is the "normal" fasting glucose range?
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Thank you, I agree. I have never dropped below 85 and watch my diet carefully. It just seems rather odd that a lab would have ranges with those ranges.
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The normal ranges are not age dependent for adults. The exceptions are for very lean young adults who can have fasting values into the 50's and still be quite normal.

Your Mom's reading is quite high, so if this is a common pattern I think her medications should be adjusted.  Your range is not too bad; the low of 50 is actually more concerning to me than the 150. If you have many fastings down around 50, your medications should be adjusted or your dietary habits changed to prevent that, because your body will start adjusting to very low glucose values and may one day fail to alert you to a dangerous low(we call this hypoglycemic unawareness).
Speak to your doctor(and your Mom's doctor) about these patterns and see if some changes can be made to improve them
take care.
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