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Bed Sore Type 3 & 4

My mother has had type 2 diabetes for a while now.  She has also been in the hospital for 2 weeks because of dehydration and renal failure.   Her kidneys are now functioning and her blood sugar is fine.  She had developed a sore on her buttocks.  It is just below the tail bone.   It has become type 3 and 4.  It is draining and has a very foul smell.  The physical therapist at the hospital said that she would need surgical intervention.  She is in extreme pain and has to be medicated with morphine and other types of drugs.   The doctor said that she should get out of the bed and try and move around the room.  They are also having trouble finding a surgeon to do this repair.  She has had this sore for several months and just now getting it treated.  How long can she go without having surgery on her sore?   What can our family do to get her up and going?
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I am afraid I am not the best person to answer these questions, especially as I cannot examine your mother. In regard to the timing of the surgery, this is best answered by a surgeon who has examined your mom. In general, surgery should be a strong consideration if the wound is not healing(or worsening) because, when untreated, it can worsen to include the underlying bone and cause serious infections.
The physical therapist is the best person to ask for ways to get your Mom moving in a safe way that does not put her in any danger.
I am sorry I could not offer more specific suggestions.
take care.
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