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Blood Glucose Levels

I was not sure where to post this question. I want to the doctor on Wednesday for treatment of a bad stomach virus
and what turned out to be sinusitis. The doctor decided to run a CBC and Chem Panel. I called today and was told
that even though the blood test results were in that I would have to wait until next Wednesday to talk with the doctor.
I asked the nurse if everything was alright and was told that my blood glucose levels were somewhat higher than
normal but would have to wait a week to talk with the doctor. I am very concerned and slightly anxious. Does this mean that I could have diabetes? I am somewhat overweight but have been trying to lose the pounds. My blood
pressure was fine when the doctor checked 110/70. I had been running a high fever that Tylenol would not bring down and wound up standing under a slightly cold shower to bring it down. I also had not been able to eat anything
much prior to the visit since everything including liquids came up. If you could give me some insight so I could rest
a little easier until I speak with my doctor next week I would appreciate it.
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First thing: if you are not getting better and continuing to run high fevers you should return to your doctor for further assistance, definitely.

In regard to the high blood sugars, it depends on how high and if it was taken anytime after you had eaten. Certain labs read glucoses as "high" even though they are not fasting and actually still in the range considered normal. So the best thing to do right now is not to worry too much about that, take care of yourself and get well, then have a repeat lab test done to see what your fasting blood sugars are so that decisions can be made.
Take care.
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