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Blood Sugar Questions

I've been noticing some very interesting and a little alaring symptoms that I have searched for answers for with not a lot of success. I'm 28 5'3" and about 107 pounds. My normal weight was 117-119 but about 4 years ago I dropped to below 107 and have not been able to get back. 110 is about as high as I've managed. Since around Highschool I have periodically noticed that I will have a very distinct sugary smell to my body odor which is not the norm for me. In the past year the smell has been more frequent and much stronger. I have smelled a similar smell four or five times in my urine but it is consistent in my sweat. I do have a sweet tooth but this month I avoided my normal snacks to see if the smell would go away (it had stayed with me for weeks). After the first week of no sugar snacks the smell went away, until the otherday when I have a few snack sized candy bars and a cookie. Immediately I started to smell the sugary smell again and it got stronger throughout the day.

Another thing is that after a midday meal, particularly if I eat a sandwhich, pasta or anything in that group, I end up with a massive headache and I get tired to the point I can barely form a sentence or walk striaght. I ususally have to lay down for 20-30 minutes and then the tiredness goes away and sometimes the headache too. Salad lunches don't do that to me. Just the heavy stuff.

Could you give me an idea as to what may be causing one or both of these events and direct me to the kind of doctor I should see for further testing.
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

You should see your regular primary care physician for these concerns.  He or she can do a  physical exam and run some general bloodwork to establish if there is anything going on.  If there is something that is abnormal, he or she can treat you or give you a referral to a specialist (such as an endocrinologist).   Your primary care physician is a good place to start to get some answers.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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