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Fasting blood sugar levels high in the morning

I am expierenicing high fasting Blood Sugar readings in the am how can I correct these or make them come down
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In addition to some of the general suggestions left by the other member above,
there are a few reasons why your morning sugar may be high.

If you go to bed high and you do not have enough medication in your system(either insulin or pills) to handle it, then you will wake up high as well. Check your bedtime sugar and see what it is. If it is too high then you need to treat that before going to bed, taking care not to bring it down too low before hitting the sheets. Drink water. You can have food at night(I disagree with the other member) as long as your sugars are in the right range prior to going to bed. If you are in the habit of a bedtime snack but your sugars are high, stop the snack.

If you are going to bed with low sugars or normal ones and still waking up high, then it is one of two things: either your medication is wearing off during the night, OR you are dipping LOW during the night and your body is bringing you up as protection. You may need your doctor's help in figuring this one out if it is not clear to you immediately. Have a good record of all bedtime and morning blood sugars for a few days and take a close look, see if a pattern emerges. It is important to figure this out because you do not want to go low in the middle of the night as this can be quite dangerous.
Take care and good luck.
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Here are a few things to keep in mind when you have Type 2 Diabetes:

1) Avoid eating anything a minimum of 2 hours before going to bed.  That includes not drinking fluids that contain sugar.

2) If you are taking prescription medication, do so around the same time everyday as prescribed.

3) If you can afford to lose body weight, LOSE IT!  

4) Eat small balanced meals 5 - 6 times during the day.  Mind your carbs and sugars. (develop a habit of reading food labels)

5) Drink plenty of water though out the day. (about 8 cups of water or 64 ounces)

6) Stay active!  If your lifestyle can not accommodate this, incorporate a daily exercise regiment. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. (i.e. evening 1/2 hr walk etc.)

7) Get adequate sleep.  Your body is a machine that needs to rest.

8) Manage your stress. (i.e. meditate or some other coping skill)

Now to address your high fasting blood sugar in the morning ... your body does not burn much energy while you are sleeping so it it very likely that your blood sugar spiked before going to bed.  Whatever you are ingesting in the late afternoon and/or evening should be substituted for something light (low carb count and minimal sugar content).  Check your blood sugar 2 hrs after your last meal of the day.  The reading should not be higher than the A.M. fasting.  In conclusion,  manage your blood sugar levels before going to bed.  
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hello sandi60,
to controll your blood sugar you need to eat low carb food.  you also need to excersise
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