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Fittness for Diabetes Type I

I am 17 years old male having type 1 diabetes.
I mastrubate about 3-4 times a day. Is it ok

Something about me that you should know
1) I am very lonely and rely on mastrubation for sexual pleasure
2) Underweigh a little , from my hands and upper body i am very slim but have very thick thighs and bums.
3) I take 10-15 units Lantus twice in a week currently in my Honeymoon period

and very weak

Pl. Suggest me what to do and if mastrubation is causing a problem
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Thanks for using the forum.

I doubt that masturbation will cause a problem with your diabetes. However, is there someone in your life that you can speak to about feeling lonely? You mention that you feel very weak. Is this keeping you from your normal activities. If so I would recommend speaking with your doctor. There may be something your doctor can suggest to help with the weakness.

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Best way to maintain your erection and prevent erectile dysfunction in the future is to have a good control of your diabetes.
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