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Glucose Readings Normal?

Upon waking 82
1 hour before lunch 84
2 hours after lunch 77
1 hour before supper 68 645pm
854pm  92
940pm  79

Just wondering if these seem right my blood glucose never has been over 101 but i feel shaky,anxiety,moody,heart papls,ect

42 yo female

thank you

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Your morning blood sugars are quite low. I would recommend that you speak with your doctor, especially because you have been feeling shaky.

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they are in the normal range 65 to 140

Try 1 hour after your biggest biggest carbohydrate meal.

Id seek a medical appointment.
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Ok thank you it was 56 when i got up this am.

and 79 just now before i ate lunch

thank you again
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56 is too low

we need to know are you on any diabetes meds?
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No I am not on any meds. it was 59 this am. seems to stay around 84 duting the day it was 79 during the day yesterday and 94 at 10pm last night.

the highest it has been is 104 in the past 3 days and that is checking it throughout the day and evening.

I have also been eating bf,lunch and dinner and yogurt before bed

I thought it was low my mom and brother have hyperglycemia but i feel mine is Hypo?

thank you so much for your help have a great night
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My high risk pregnancy nurse told that she wanted my sugars to be that of a normal person, she then proceeded to say that normal fasting is between 60-80. That seemed low to me.
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"normal" depends on who you ask Ive herd 70 to 140 and 60 to 110  and....  remember your meter has a 20% error so a reading of 59 could actually be ~ 71

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