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Glucose numbers

Could someone tell me the glucose values for a non diabetic for the fasting (pre-breakfast), one hour after eating, two hours after eating. And what is considered to be low for a non diabetic?

My son has type 1 and I know what his glucose values should be for these times and I know that anything under 80 is considered to be low for him.

I have been having some lows (46, 33 and LO on the meter) as well as a reading of 196 one hour after a lower carb lunch..
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Are your lows do to the the insulin that u take at night?  its amazing u arn't in a coma at 25 or even 33.  The non diabetic normals are 90 fasting. And your one hr is a bit high, but u said a lower carb, what was it that u ate? I am sure the dr. on here will answer u, soon. But she wil want to know the med's u are on also...
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I am currently not on any meds. For the low carb meal I had scrambled eggs (plain, with no salt or other seasonings) and 1 cup of coffee with Sweet-n-low and non-dairy creamer. I have had hypoglycemia most of my life starting when I was a child. I have been loosing some weight lately, and drinking lots of water. I did have kidney stones not too long ago and since then the hypos have been more frequent. I did have a number of different blood tests, my A1c was 5.5 but my doctor believes this is because of the many lows I have been having.

Type 1 runs in my family, my mother's brother died from complications due to type 1 as did her father. I am 41 so this can't be the onset of type 1 or could it? I have also had a CT scan to rule out an Insulinoma, I am still waiting on the C-Peptide results as well as the GAD. Oh, I am 5'8 and weigh 160 pounds and still loosing more. Last night I used one of my son's Ketostix and it the results of that showed that I am spilling large ketones in my urine. I have been using a glucose meter that I was prescribed and there are days where my glucose have been what I consider to be normal, then there are days where I will run low an hour after meals or in the middle of the night.
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You need to go see your Dr. ASAP - My husband is a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 32 - so yes, it can be.  You are at a very dangerous level in your body for ketones and sugars.  If it were me getting those readings, I would be in the Urgent Care Dept.  25 and 33 are diabetic coma levels.  I've seen my DH at 30-40 and he very sick, wobbling all over the place like a drunk and sweating. I need to make him something to eat when he's like that, cause he doesn't have the strength.    Losing weight like that, means your sugars are very high,that's how we found out he was diabetic.  When he went to his Dr., it was over 500, he's lucky to have reached 42 now.  Better managed, but still not the best.  Please, go see your Dr. right away.  At those levels, you may not wake up one morning, and that is very scary!

Good luck and please let us know what your Dr. says.

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I am under the care of a doctor and called her office and talked to the doctor on call, he told me to drink water until there were no ketones present. My glucose has not been higher than 198, so I am not sure why ketones were present. I have an appointment with an Endo on Tuesday and hopefully they will be able to figure out what is going on. I forgot to mention that I contracted Valley Fever 2 years ago and have  been symptom free from it for over a year.

My 15 year old son has type 1 so I am familiar with diabetes, but I was not aware that an adult over 35 could get it.
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They took me off of the Lantus because of too many lows, the doctor will go over my log book readings to figure out what is going on tomorrow..They are not sure what to actually diagnose me with at this point, they kept throwing around type 1 or type 1.5 or type 2 and then they said I may just have hypoglycemia..So, I am confused to say the least..
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hi, I just got out of the hospital with dka and they said I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My question is can it be possible to have type 2 with dka cause I just found out that they didn't do any blood work to detect if I am for sure type 1 or 2. I am 30 years old just gave birth to my first baby 6 months ago and I had getstational diabetes and was able to control with diet. After giving birth I never followed up with the glucose test and 6 months later I am in the emergency room. The shock of my life. Never in my life think that I would end up like this. Then I was told that my thyroid is underactive as well. I just want to know if u get dka can u still be type 2?
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