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Gratitude + vascular health question

Dr. Ramsetty,

I am so very grateful for what you are doing with this website!  In the past, if I had a question I would have to wait- perhaps months- to ask my Doctor, or to glean what I could from Google searches.  I appreciate your help and answers so very much!

Now my vascular health question.  I have seen a few blood sugar guidelines as they relate to Retinopothy, Neuropathy, and kidney disease, but don't recall any such guidelines on heart disease and stroke

Are there "complications avoidance guidelines" for ALL of the major known risks of diabetes, and if so, where would I find these?
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I am so glad that you are finding the website helpful!

In regard to your vascular health question, there are no strict guidelines relating degree of vascular or cardiovascular disease to certain A1C numbers. The goal for avoiding vascular complications is  accepted as being the same as for microvascular i.e aim for an A1C below 7%. The cholesterol goals are aimed more towards heart disease and stroke, while the A1C and blood pressure guidelines are meant for all complications but came about mainly from data relating to eye and kidney complications. Hope this answers your question.
take care.
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